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Offering three forms of Yoga, Ashtanga, Dynamic Balance and Yin each of which provide a method to strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga is a skill that is developed over time. These forms are challenging but with patience, persistence, determination and LOTS of practice you will reap the benefits of a calm, focused mind and a strong body.

Started yoga classes as a way to help my ongoing back pain issues and I
can truly say your classes have made a huge difference to my life. Through
these yoga classes I managed to achieve a strength that offered the longest
period without pain I have ever had. The ashtanga style of yoga has allowed
me to improve flexibility and build some muscle in a way that hasn't
damaged my existing problem. Having never done any yoga before starting
this class I am now a total yogi convert!

I have been on placement year away from York this year and have struggled
to find a class that challenges and benefits in the same way, so I am very
much looking forward to returning in September to the classes I know and




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Yin Yoga - Commences 20th June



A unique yoga system that links full rhythmic breathing with powerful postures. Deep internal heat purifies the body whilst enhanced levels of concentration relax the mind. Internal energy locks strengthen the nervous system. There are 3 levels. If you are new to Ashtanga Yoga you should attend the beginners course. From there you can progress to the next level class and then finally on to the Improvers sessions.

This 4 week course covers the basics of breath, bandhas and movement and is the perfect way to start your journey into this amazing form of Yoga. The course will help you build firm foundations on which to progress towards a strong practice. More - - - -





A dynamic and challenging session to improve flexibility, strength and stamina. Visualisation, breathing and relaxation techniques are used to make this the complete body and mind workout




Thanks for a great class ...there was a good feeling in the room & I loved your instruction, with new suggestions for already familiar poses ...always great to find  instructors from different backgrounds I used to be very into ashtanga & loved it! ...& now that I’m doing triathlon it is definitely beneficial from a strength perspective!

Jools (Dynamic Balance)




The great benefit of learning Ashtanga on a One to One basis is that you learn at your own pace. Everyone is different, so a program can be designed to focus on whichever areas that you choose, i.e. strength, flexibility, stamina, a calmer mind etc. Eventual you will find balance in all these fundamental areas of health and reach your goal of living be healthy and strong in body and mind.

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"Robs sessions greatly improved my flexibility, strength and not least my ability to focus.
In terms of training, I wholly support his initiative to bring yoga to enhance sessions. I decided to try yoga with Rob after subtaining an injury and found it a great help in addition to training. I felt stronger, leaner, quicker and energised"

Robert Huth - Leicester City





YORK YOGA STUDIO at Railway Institute /

Mysore Self Practice Week


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