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"The Ability to Anticipate and React to Changes in Balance as the Body moves through space" 

Welcome To City Yoga

Increase Your Flexibility, Strength and Endurance 

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Vinyasa means “to place in a special way”.

It is often used as shorthand for the linking movements between postures.

In a typical session, you will complete many of these rigorous and challenging movements.

The first time you experience this intensity, it will push the limits of your endurance. But with determined and regular practice you will develop a strong body, mind and spirit.

Keep it up, and after a few sessions, you will be pleasantly surprised by how you are able to cope with the challenge.  

This challenging form of yoga will bring you flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength, leading to better form, efficiency, and power in your sport or everyday activities.

Samasthiti - equal standing
Forward Bend
Gazing Posture
Upward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog


Ashtanga Yoga is a unique yoga system that links full rhythmic breathing with powerful postures. Deep internal heat purifies the body whilst enhanced levels of concentration relax the mind. Internal energy locks strengthen the nervous system. The FOUNDATION COURSE will cover the fundamentals, i.e. breath, energy centres and posture work. The aim is to establish a strong foundation of standing yoga postures which will be the basis for you to move on to the IMPROVERS Ashtanga sessions. Please note that the sessions are physically demanding, but with patience, practice and persistence, Ashtanga yoga will improve your strength, stamina and flexibility. 


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