"The Ability to Anticipate and React to Changes in Balance as the Body moves through space" 

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Increase Your Flexibility, Strength and Endurance 

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Vinyasa means “to place in a special way”.

It is often used as shorthand for the linking movements between postures.

In a typical session, you will complete many of these rigorous and challenging movements.

The first time you experience this intensity, it will push the limits of your endurance. But with determined and regular practice you will develop a strong body, mind and spirit.

Keep it up, and after a few sessions, you will be pleasantly surprised by how you are able to cope with the challenge.  

This challenging form of yoga will bring you flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength, leading to better form, efficiency, and power in your sport or everyday activities.

Pete Edwards 


I first started doing yoga as part of my rehabilitation following a knee operation, in an attempt to ensure I regained full range of motion. Having never been one for stretching or going to classes I was initially apprehensive, but after a few weeks was impressed with the improvements I saw not only in my knee but in my general strength and mobility read more

Emma Moore 

Endurance Athlete

Dynamic Balance has made me aware that I need to listen to my body and mind in so many more ways than I did before. I have started to create a balance in my training and up to now it has had a positive impact on my training performance...... I think I may actually be a bit calmer now as well!! read more

Alison Mawson  

Long-Distance Runner

Robs Dynamic Balance sessions have massively benefited my running. I feel more physically resilient and recover from long runs really well and have avoided (serious) injury (touch wood!) Work-wise, I feel it helps me stay focused and helps me to maintain my work-life balance. read more

Paul Wainwright 

Long Distance Cyclist

My main sporting focus is long-distance cycling, comfort on the bike is very important to me as sometimes I spend over 20hrs in the saddle almost none stop. The Dynamic Balance class has gone way past my expectations in helping me recover from a back injury... but gone on to have the unexpected benefit of improving my position on the bike making me more comfortable and faster.

I would highly recommend this class. read more

Samasthiti - equal standing
Forward Bend
Gazing Posture
Upward Facing Dog
Downward Facing Dog


Ashtanga Yoga is a unique yoga system that links full rhythmic breathing with powerful postures. Deep internal heat purifies the body whilst enhanced levels of concentration relax the mind. Internal energy locks strengthen the nervous system. The FOUNDATION COURSE will cover the fundamentals, i.e. breath, energy centres and posture work. The aim is to establish a strong foundation of standing yoga postures which will be the basis for you to move on to the IMPROVERS Ashtanga sessions. Please note that the sessions are physically demanding, but with patience, practice and persistence, Ashtanga yoga will improve your strength, stamina and flexibility. 

Pippa Cole

Physically, I feel stronger and much more flexible and toned than I was before. I'm also much more aware of my posture (which can only be a good thing since I spend 8 hours a day sat at a desk at work!). Mentally, I feel much calmer and centred and don't sweat the small stuff anymore. Read More

Pavel Langer

Ashtanga Yoga has changed me not only in a physical way (being more flexible and stronger) but also helped me to be more internally balanced and therefore happier in general. Read More


Amanda Mountain

Yoga has helped me make better decisions in and out of the class environment. Practising yoga involves intention, the breath is all done in a specific way helping me to be mindful and to be aware not to push myself into something too soon. It's made me more patient and a lot happier. Read More