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Ashtanga Yoga is a unique yoga system that links full rhythmic breathing with powerful postures. Deep internal heat purifies the body whilst enhanced levels of concentration relax the mind. Internal energy locks strengthen the nervous system. 

There are 3 stages to establish a safe and effective practice:-




This 10 week course introduces you to the fundamentals of breath, bandhas (energy centres) and drishti (gaze points). Over the first 4 weeks, you will be taken through the standing postures. Weeks 5 to 10 will explore the seated sequence. 

Some people have more strength than flexibility and vice versa. This course will help you to get the perfect blend of both. You will also reap the tremendous benefits that Ashtanga Yoga brings to mind and spirit.   (Further Information)


(unlike the beginners course you do not have to attend weekly if circumstances don't allow)

This session will begin to reinforce the hard work that you have put into the beginners course. Even with home practice, 10 weeks is not a long time to build strength and flexibility, so these sessions continue to move you toward gains in these areas. A selection of seated postures is introduced to assist in hip openings along with a safe introduction to headstands and backbends. Typically, up to 10 sessions will be spent in building the required strength and flexibility required to move on to the Improvers but some find that this session fulfils their needs perfectly.

Further Information




18:30 to 20:00

In this session you continue to build your practice toward the full primary series. This doesn't mean that you will have to be adept at every posture. Ashtanga is a process and you can be assured that there is a suitable modification for your body for all postures in the sequence. 


Further Information 


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