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To assist continuation into the full primary series the practice is broken down into 5 weeks. 

Of course - you won't be expected to get into these challenging postures in just a few weeks so suitable modifications of the full posture are given throughout. After each 5 week schedule you will discover little improvements within your practice. As you continue on this schedule you will notice vast improvements in your practice. 

1: Instructional Ashtanga Practice to Navasana - Finishing Postures.

Paschimatanasana a.png
Triang Mukka Ekapada Pachimatanasana.png
Ardha Badha Padma Pachimatanasana.png
Janu Sirsasasana a.png
Marichyasana a_edited.png
Marichyasana c Mod.png

2: Instructional Ashtanga practice Navasana to setu bandhasana - Finishing Postures.

Bhujapidasana 1.png
Badha Konasana a.png

Modifications are given for all postures

Urdhva Dhanurasana.png
salamba Sarvangasana.png
Kurmasana modified.png
A outline.png
a outline.png
Tolasana outline.png

3: Full Practice - Instructed 

4: Self Practice - one to one instruction.

Self practice gives you the space to focus. The cue to move on to the next posture comes from your own breath, instead of a my instructions. You can therefore spend a little longer working at your own pace on something you find challenging. In effect, you become your own teacher. If there is something you are unable to do, then I will suggest an easier version.

Further Information

5: Mix of Primary and Intermediate Postures - Instructed

The Primary Series is very forward bend orientated so on this week we mix thing up by interweaving a selection of Intermediate postures




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