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Paul Wainwright

Updated: Feb 1, 2022



So I started yoga at 40 years old with a back injury. I found a local class that was great as an intro to yoga and helped with my injury. I soon realised that I needed a more challenging yoga class to complement my level of fitness, my sporting desires and also because I realised that if I could find the right class, yoga was something to include in my fitness regime. I found exactly what I was looking for in the Dynamic Balance class with Rob at City Yoga. A challenging class for me, but after the first couple of months I have felt many benefits.

My main sporting focus is long distance cycling, comfort on the bike is very important to me as sometimes I spend over 20hrs in the saddle almost none stop.

The Dynamic Balance class has gone way past my expectations in helping me recover from a back injury... but gone on to have the unexpected benefit of improving my position on the bike making me more comfortable and faster.

I would highly recommend this class.

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