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Updated: Jun 7, 2019


I first started doing yoga as part of my rehabilitation following a knee operation, in an attempt to ensure I regained full range of motion. Having never been one for stretching or going to classes I was initially apprehensive, but after a few weeks was impressed with the improvements I saw not only in my knee but in my general strength and mobility. As a keen climber having a good range of controlled motion, particularly in the hips/legs, is a huge advantage and yoga is a great way of improving this. The strength and balance aspects of certain types of yoga (e.g. Dynamic balance) also have huge cross over into climbing and help strengthen the core and the antagonistic muscles to most climbing movements, and so help prevent injuries. Until finding City Yoga I still found going to yoga classes a little intimidating and tended to only tag along with my girlfriend every once in a while, but I now I try to fit regular Dynamic Balance classes into my routine where ever possible.

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