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Reverse Trikonasana
Pippa Cole

WHEN AND WHY DID YOU START PRACTICING YOGA? I first attended Rob's classes - my first venture into yoga - around 4/5 years ago as part of an overall effort to lead a healthier, more active and balanced lifestyle. I'd always been interested in yoga and decided to try it and make it a regular part of my routine.

HAS YOGA CHANGED YOU – IF SO IN WHICH WAY? I think it has changed me. Physically, I feel stronger and much more flexible and toned than I was before. I'm also much more aware of my posture (which can only be a good thing since I spend 8 hours a day sat at a desk at work!). Mentally, I feel much calmer and centred and don't sweat the small stuff anymore. 

SOMETIMES IT CAN BE DIFFICULT TO TURN UP TO SESSIONS. WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO KEEP PRACTICING? I keep practicing because of the noticeable improvement yoga has made to my health and the noticeable decline in those improvements when I don't practice. I've admittedly been a bit inconsistent with my practice but the changes I notice when I fall out of practice always brings me back to yoga. 

HOW DOES PRACTICE HELP YOU IN YOUR CHOSEN SPORT AND/OR WORK? I think yoga has helped me at work take a calmer, more pragmatic approach to challenges without getting overwhelmed. I'm generally much more aware of my breathing and will often focus on this when needed.  I pair yoga with more high intensity exercise like boot camp style classes and running and I think they complement each other really well.  HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PRACTICE IN 3 WORDS? Calming, fulfilling, evolving

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