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Ashtanga Primary Cheat Sheets (2)

Practicing Mysore self practice encourages you to take responsibility for your own practice and to become very aware of your breath and body. You will internalise the practice by committing it to memory, and you build a sense of the practice coming from you, from within, rather than being imposed from without by a teacher.

Practising in this way gives you the space to focus. The cue to move on to the next posture comes from your own breath, instead of a teacher's instructions. You can therefore spend a little longer working at your own pace on something you find challenging. In effect, you become your own teacher. If there is something you are unable to do, I will give suggest an easier version.

You will face lots of distractions and the wandering mind but this is normal. Refocusing on your breath will allow you to come back to a focused state, instead of passively listening to a teacher or watching others. This makes it a more internal practice; a meditation in motion. If the purpose of yoga is the stilling of the mind, mysore self-practice can help you achieve this.

Many people are put off by the fact that they will be practicing on their own. But this is is an opportunity to develop a self-practice that you can then practice anywhere, anytime. 

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Full Primary - part 1 - UPDATED
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