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The Ekotex Karma Grip Mat

The Karma mat is hands down our most popular mat based on the 'feel-factor'. We are always overwhelmed at trade shows and such with how well this mat goes down! It's super-soft, unlike any other TPE mat we've felt, super grippy right out of the packaging, cushioned and absolutely stunning!


Featuring a beautiful Kundalini Snake-style pattern, the surface will give you an added sense of security whilst heightening your energy and focus. These are also extremely lightweight and available in a range of striking colours!


From the team: This is always our top recommendation for those who say they are yet to find a mat that they don't slip on! The texture and grip on this mat is seriously revolutionary! We just know you will love it!

Best for: beginners, hot yoga, those who slip, anyone looking for a bit of extra softness and cushion for the joints. 

Mat care: wipe down regularly with warm soapy water
Material: TPE (non-toxic)
Dimensions: 183 cm x 61 cm, 5 mm thick
Weight: 1.02 kg

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